From Tokyo to Berkeley

Good Afternoon.
 My name is Nori. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I am a undergraduate student of The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics.
My major is International Economics. In my seminar, I study the progress of globalization, and I have taken courses about basic economics and international trade, international finance, global finance, financial engineering, and so on. 
 In addition,My academic interest is Islamic Finace, and to discover the truth of it, I need to comprehend the Middle East in these days, that's why I came here, University of California at Berkeley. Therefore, I hope to comprehend the real figure of region, not only on an armchair theory in this course.
 Lastly, My future dream is to work for The Japan Bank for International Cooperation, a government-affiliated financial institution of Japan, which is the only one institution participating in Islamic Finance in Japan.